Tooth Abscess

 An abscess is a pocket of infection that contains pus. These infected areas are surrounded by a membrane, so they are similar to a thick walled balloon filled with fluid. Abscesses may be small or large, single or multiple. An abscess in the skin feels hot, looks red and swollen, and is usually painful. Abscess often result from puncture wounds, scratches or bites. sometimes the skin surgace seals quickly, trapping bacteria below the skin surface. These bacteria produce the abscess.

   Abscesses may require both surgical and medical treatment, depending on their size, location, stage of development, and effect on the animal.


Medication must be given as directed and for the entire length of time prescribed.

Warm compresses: The doctor may recommend warm compresses on the wound to facilitate circulation and drainage. Using a clean washcloth soaked in warm water, drape over the wound and hold for 5-10 minutes. Gentle manipulation, if not too uncomfortable for your pet, will facilitate drainage which is necessary for healing. Try and dry as possible. A thin film of petroleum jelly applied on the skin under the drain will prevent irritation from the draining fluid. Watch that your pet does not lick or chew at the drain. Penrose drains are generally removed by the doctor in 2-5 days during a recheck exam.


  • Swelling, redness or heat around the abscess increases, or the abscess does not heal within the estimated time.
  • Your pet’s appetite and energy level has not improved within 2 days of treatment.
  • There is a change in your pet’s general health.